Words, Bonds


Ideas form in my mind out of the fog that resides there

Coagulating into words that shuffle around their letters

In an occasionally futile attempt to find the perfect term

Before racing along the power lines of my nerves and down

Down the highways that my brain has installed in my body

And to the tips of my fingers where they bubble and boil

Against the back of my skin

Yearning to be released as fast as my hands can flash across the keyboard

Vibrating with a nervous energy as they push to be put down on paper

Before they are forgotten

Just like every other idea that’s gotten trapped somewhere in the backlog

That clogs my throat and my body as everything I want to say gets stuck

As my tongue trips over itself in an attempt to say everything that my brain suggests

No matter how incomprehensible it often sounds to people without a direct track

To the chaotic clutter of mists that fill my skull



Bonds are what keep the world turning

A friend to a friend to a family to a lover

Red strings of fate spiderwebbing across the earth

Tied from finger to finger

And person to person

And soul to soul

Pulling and twisting and tugging

Warp and weft and shuttle shifting constantly

Swift hands of fate running across the strands

Colors on the loom of time swirling and weaving

A safety net stretched by a building

A blanket around shoulders like an embrace

Knitted connections as warm as a sweater

Threads and yarn coming together and falling apart

Knotting and winding and always changing