As soon as my eyes open, the world spins into bright color

Flashing into motion that pulls me along

As if I have been caught unintentionally in this frantic riptide

Crowds surround me on all sides in a crushing push of people going

Moving and swirling in their own separate eddies

That have pushed past my own, if only for just this moment

And I find myself moving as well with legs pumping and heart pounding

And the ache in my chest that pulls me forwards

Keeps me from slowing even slightly until I have reached my final destination

Grass sprouts and grows and breaks through dirt only to be crushed

Under my feet that dance and spin under my legs

Heedless of the collateral damage that they cause in their carelessness

Even as I fall into a chair or crash onto the cushion of a beanbag

I am still overwhelmed by the movement

Pulsing through every cell that makes up my ever-changing body