Mouldering Walls

Forgotten and alone

Lost behind ancient root-gripped hills

An abandoned home

Cataracts of flora pull away.

Windows once shining life, now shattered, polluted

Walls blackened by mold, timber oozing wet pulp

Floorboards pummeled crooked like rotten teeth

What unwrought gold or molded books hide there?

The rusty roof lets cruelly filtered light

Seep through its crumpled form and burst in

Torrential rays, beaming spotlights of dust

Even noon’s light cannot quench the decay

Cavitied iron nails hook out of gouged

Wood sinister, clawed, praying for false steps

The boards also wait, moan, and give way and

Deal festering wounds like those the house feels

The air is deep with moisture

Conjuring arid thoughts

As darkness falls over the

Forever forgotten house.