Here I sit upon my tower

My health 100, my shield full power

I've braved through 90 other deaths

'Til 10 remain, to face the test

I see two morons by the Lake

They see each other, but hesitate

Two shots ring out across the water

Two victims of a sniper's slaughter

Another base is building high

But the fury of the storm is nigh

The circle starts to move again

As luck would have it, I'm still in

Two more are lost within the storm

Six sneaky bois are left to swarm

As the rival builder abandons ship

A Christmas bush unloads his clip

We're down to 5 , my mouse is sweaty

My knees are weak, arms are heavy

"I'm about to finally win Mom,

F--- your spaghetti! "

At once a sound I dread to hear

Fills my hallowed halls with fear

A rocket screeches my direction

Obliterates my bottom section

My fort comes crashing to the ground

But I spot the bastard and fire a round

He's down, he's down, his loot is mine

A medkit, rockets, and a golden shine

I take a moment to admire the weapon

A golden sniper in my possession

I spot a target, the inaugural shot

And down goes Frazier, bravely fought

Now three remain, no more no less

Myself and two others, the best of the best

A fight breaks out across the map

A shotgun blast, rat tat tat

My heart rate spikes, we're down to two

I go to attack, but before I do

I spot some cover, a lonely shack

And into it, I plan my track

One more shield is all I need

I'll sneak inside and drink with speed

I step into the door, but ZAP

Extends the spikes out from a trap