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    Kamuela, Hawaii, 96743

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    The Way We Danced

    May 7, 2018

    The way you smiled, the way I smiled

    back at you with nothing but butterflies mapping out

    the way I envisioned the night ending in my mind

    with your red dress and our red flowers

    beaming in the lights of music

    danced away with unquenchable tensions

    that I thought were coming from both ends

    and you said they were when you told me to text you

    and I did, and we talked

    but nothing else

    and I never saw you again

    because you were gone

    and away in your life - a different school with different friends -

    but I didn’t forget about our night together

    that one, spontaneous, whirlwind of a night

    that ended in nothing but unspoken promises that left me

    in a trance of warmth and happiness

    but never really happened

    the way you promised, the way I promised.

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