Blue Sky Love

Before I had you-

You breathed me in and I wouldn't breathe out

every time you blinked those eyes I saw it

The moment when you first wake and you see blue

only blue and then

green but mostly blue and then

this incredible brightness

then poof gone like our


it wasn't even a fling but I know I'm blue and you’re definitely


you made me fall and I loved you for it

I still love you for it and I pinch myself because your not here and

I know I'm not dreaming which is why I hurt

but I'm sad and glad it happened and I'm mad at

me for feeling but I know you’re the one but you made me blue and I don't know you


Thanks for the

blue sky love

you and your sweet touch

your soft lips that took in the smoke of my new habit that feels like nothing compared to

you and the floating and clearness and perfectness of

our moment that caused me to cry like I never let myself

try like I never did before

you made me lie but then again you didn't cuz you’re

you and I will always be me


looking for you and up to the clouds and remembering the stars that night we told the truth

that night I knew you were you

But now and always my sky will be blue