Rags to Riches

Wearing clothes patterned with stitches

Their face is marred just wanting to be the star

of their own play

driving a car on the road to success very far away.

Trying to write their own story

So they might, one day, not have to wear the cone of loneliness.

But this young kid is still clueless. Because the higher you go

The less you truly know.

Isolation grows like a weed

Needing to feed on the only flower in the garden.

You have been given the power of success

This pressure can make you a mess

Damocles wanted the power so bad

Quickly realizing it was only a fad

As that sword hangs over head

It acts as a fang to the snake that might bite you

Just fake it til’ you make it

So no one fights you

Everyone I thought would help… didn’t

Sent me to a cave and gave me the bad yelp review

I called them out

They all peed their pants, then fleed the scene of a fiend

Killed in a drug deal gone wrong.

For I’m just a house mouse, in the barrel of cream

If I can just grow a pair there will be one less Rags to Riches story to spare.