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    Spring Break

    May 1, 2018

    Hardly able to move

    I lay on my bed

    Not filled with regret

    Yet tired as heck

    Soft pillow under my head

    And warm blanket under my hands

    I finally think to myself

    “I came back home”


    Just returned from Australia

    It was not a total failure

    I enjoyed the break a lot

    Though it was way too hot.

    Yet my skin does not sting,

    No sunburn in sight.

    Sunscreen bottle in trash, empty.

    Finally won’t be way too sweaty.


    My bag is unpacked

    And I still smell with delight

    Salt water and sweat,

    Everything’s covered in red.

    Sand is still spilling out

    Creating a beach on the ground

    I went to check in my wallet,

    But there’s not a cent in a pocket.


    Got to shower at last

    Without crawlies for company

    Those adventures are now in the past

    School is tomorrow luckily.

    Though Australia was great

    The familiar home is the best.

    My eyes are starting to feel heavy, mate.

    Gonna sleep and dream of the West.


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