To a Friend Who Passed Away

Everytime I close my eyes

You would dance on the dazzling sky

A beam of moonlight shines from afar

Upon the glistening stars.

Suddenly, the rain started falling

Your vague shadow, slowly fading

I kneel down on my knees, begging you please don't leave

Only to find you, washed away, by my river of tears.

I woke up with my shivering hands

A sweat drop streaks on my face

The chilly wind makes me tremble

Of how you - my dear angel - were taken away.

I missed how your hair tangled to mine

I missed how we're lying on the corn-field hay

I missed how those sad raven eyes can haunted my mind

I missed how your seldom smiles can brighten up my day.

Without you, is like a winter without spring

Walking through a blizzard, with snowflakes piercing through my heart

Without you, is like a candle without match

A fire with no light, no warmth - to embrace me in the dark.

But my tears have to flow backward

Because I can hear your voice, softly whisper,

That you are smiling on heaven,

Within the arms of God and angels.

You're released from the living's endless pains

You're released from your parents, who beat you days and nights

You're released from your friends, who laughed at your scars in the next morning

You're released from me… a useless shield that has never been able to protect you.

The waves of memories keep hitting onto my shore

Neither can I swim, nor can I drown

Since I can hear you softly whispered

That I will end up dead - like you - in the ocean of time.

I can only watch you silently

When a light breeze wraps around my body

When a rainbow unveils behind the black clouds

When a star twinkles in the midst of darkness.

O’, how ephemeral life can be

Within the constant galaxy of time

I'm sorry - my dear friend - that I can't flip back the page

But you - will hold forever in my heart.