Loud school bells

Loud hallways

Now that algebra’s over time to go kick some balls around

On a pitch of patchy green

As if the green I see doesn't already make me want to be a teen

Oh now it’s 3:30

Time to go help some vegetables eat their mush

While I give their ill-breed arms and legs a push

Great now I have a chewed prune splattered across my shirt

Oh it’s Jake wait no I don’t how to flirt

Move move homework and tests

Study study study

Don’t know the rest

Oh crap dinner time

Now’s the moment to be lectured of my crimes

“Go out more”

“Make friends”

“Volunteer more”

“Get a 100 on that test otherwise you didn't give your best”

We were told to be rounded

Do sports do well in school

Help prunes at an elderly home

We were told that we had to be perfect

And to deflect those from our lives that took us away from the values you imposed

But now I question

What if I want to be a square or a triangle?

And avoid being rounded

What if I wanted to help the druggies ?

Too much on their hands anyways

What if I wanted to do academics OR sports?

Mind you not and

They tell us that school and everything in life should be balanced

But they hold an expectation that we should...

Complete 12 hours of homework

72 of community service

60 of sports

Minimum requirements

Oh and go adventure make friends

This remains unlisted on their make amends

I was advised against being friends with Ashley

Because she said “let’s go play and do homework later”

Then you make me see that Ashley was trashley

And now it's time to go learn the numbers of pi

It’s time to go take a flight

Through the numbers of sine and cosine which apparently have much might

But now I can see clearly

This is the end of your reign

You regal dane

I will live my life and have adventures

No more prunes

Only sand dunes

Far away from here

This is where it ends

Oh it's 3:30

Time to go hassle monkeys and ride tsunami waves.