A sweet spring day when the birds were free to sing,

Warm, free air filled the room,

Yet I was still suffocating under my tears.

Seeing that hospital bed and the IV line

In your skin

Broke me into pieces.

A fragile piece of china

Became hard, cold iron in a matter of seconds.

I didn't know what it looked like or how it felt.

But I witnessed the murderous hands of death

Take you away from me in one second.

Only I saw. Only then I became the prime witness.

You somehow planned it out. But I caught it.

The peach color turned pale

And the oxygen became less than less.

You went away

Before I could say goodbye.

The floodwaters start to slowly fill my head.

They started to flash memories about my childhood

And how you were the only father figure in my life.

My light.

My beacon of hope in my childish life.

The one person I could depend on

The only person I could count on

My best friend till the end.

I sadly fly back to my reality

Where tears littered the floor.

Where your earthly form stays in front of me.

A sweet spring day when the birds were free to sing.

And you passed listening to those songs

In the most zen way possible.