Home Poem

Home is her and him

Home is where there is always a voice, always someone laughing, listening

Home is where we smell sweet sleepy magnolias and the red, rosey, ripe tomatoes

Home is new

Home is the place where they slept and they woke up

Home is where they walked and ran, jumped and never stopped singing

Home is where she sits on the bright white carpet and watches TV, wishing

Home is there and then here the next day, it is where we are breathing

Home is where he runs so fast that his 3 foot body can’t keep up, where he falls, where i pick him back up

Home is here with me, with you and you

Home is where we jump so high on that old trampoline, dreaming

Home is where the pasta is ready

Home is where our rooms are messy

Home is that place where the tall wall of bamboo whistles, but she can’t yet

Where he cries and she yells and I laugh and we all smile

I know home is different

I know we are ok now

I know we are still breathing, we have to keep breathing

I know that we are home now

Home is her and him

Home is me, wherever that may be.