Fire Within

I sing, raging and laughing all at once, challenging the wind to match her voice to mine at the sun’s departure, letting forth the pride of my lungs for all to hear my lion’s roar

I dance, primal passion set loose upon the earth beneath me, a whirling prism of rotating limbs and rippling flesh, my hips the envy of the earth’s orbit around the sun

I cry, a torrential downpour of liquid sorrow, washing away my inhibition and fears, a biblical flood destined to wipe the world clean I relinquish, I give, my tears to you…

I fight, a firestorm of fury and ferociousness, the enemies and strangers learn to fear what I fear myself, a lost control morphed into sweet and savage battle, to war!!

I run, sprinting against my destiny in a race of the self, my legs, pistons of flesh to tendon, take joyous flight from the earth, an acceleration of whoops and hilarious falls

I swim, a heart’s dive into a trust of body to water, immersion into an inky blue that calls itself the unknown, the bubbling ark envelops me, closed eyes,one with the beyond…

I climb, an ascension of clenched fingers, muttered curses and whispered sweat, the slow gritting rise of one pillar of flesh up to a possible peak, I don’t care, I love this

I jump, a contorted expression of fear, shock and hilarity as I plunge into the ozone layer, a racing fall towards the pristine blue of the planet, a leap of faith made real

I stare, the complex shades and textures of the world surrounding my eyes compel their interest, a plethora of lustrous wonders and pictures that makes one, ponder all of this

I act, an unceasing performance on the great stage of anywhere, appealing to the audience of anyone, endless characters adopted and discarded as clothes, no me

I sit, a quiet unassuming struggle for comfort and silence amidst a world that will never give it, a small outline to existence defined by gracious inactivity, strange, it’s still

I struggle, resisting and pushing back against unseen hands, shouting against unheard voices, loud nonetheless, fulfilling a need for conflict, the conflict wages on, inside….