Blood Lullaby

Shoving, jostling, all walking the same way, to the same door, a rectangle, carved from the unspeakable, I don’t see anyone on the other side

Screaming, sobbing, thrashing, the surrounding walls, cement smooth as bone, are silent, I have to leave, but the only exit will leave stains on the carpet

The garden foliage, studded with sweet dewdrops, glisten in the giggling sunlight, each drop, a warming glow, soon the sun will be gone, and so will the light

Thousands of toys, suffocated to death everyday,no one listens to their small cries, entombed in a coffin of cardboard and plastic, buried prematurely, they never meant anything

Thousands of carnivals, with thousands of clowns, mobile temples and worshippers to the almighty absurd, cloth monuments to laughter and joy,temporary place for temporary pleasure, domesticated grins, all to be butchered and eaten by the frown

A snake swallows its own tail, we nibble on our fingernails, wage endless war, listen to parents expectations, forever doomed, to devour what makes us, us.

Blurred vision, feeling flood, why is everyone drowning, no one reaches out to help, they fear to be swept away in the burning tide, so many, so many hopelessly choking on personal denial, nightmares, daydreams, liquid laughter, filling the lungs, I can taste a stranger’s’s so, bitter

The essence of the soul, is an insignificant drop, in an ocean that is formless, meaningless,everything we are, dissolves in an moment, there is no name to this pain, it belongs to no one, but it envelops us, becomes us, we grasp phantoms of former selves by the pain we barely feel, even that fades…

Atoms, they are the immortal children on a beach playground that is truly everywhere, building sandcastles that always wash away, the process recycled on the conveyor belt of existence, the ultimate feat of matter, yet does it all really, matter?

A wondrous expanse of lights, poured across a canvas of absolute darkness, little fragments that glow alone, all born apart from each other, the light of stars, light of souls, we desire connection, dots of light become constellations, the will desperately, hopefully, reaches out across emptiness immeasurable, suffering silence, unimaginable

I scream! shouting and yelling, loud as I can, hoping for an answer that will never come to you, gazing upward, hoping to see a familiar face in the dark clouds above, but I can’t, they're just clouds