Untitled (3rd Place)

You came into my life like a boulder -

Came isn't the right word;

You crashed, you plowed, you smashed into my carefully crafted house.

Your eyes sparking like a flint, ready to set those walls I built around my heart ablaze.

They say that a rolling stone gathers no moss,

And you were always moving -

Running -

Chasing -


To stop you would have been a Sisyphean task, pointless as trying to stop the planet from spinning.

You crashed into my life, broke down my walls, and took me along for a ride, and for a while I could forget the avalanche that you signalled.

I could ignore the rumbling of boulders, the cackle of granite, the screeches of pebbles crushed in your wake.

You were


Always will be,

A force of nature;

And I am a simple human who got caught up in the wonder of your strength.

After all, one can be a fool enough to love a mountain, but one would be even greater of a fool to hope that the mountain would love one back.