Lost Star

My broken heart told me to run, so I did.

The burden on my back felt as heavy and deep as the night around me.

I roam about the woods, not knowing where I’ll end up.

Animals scratch and wolves howl in the night and the wispy branches of trees brush my back. The forest is attacking me. I am a disrupter of silence, I am unknown.

I guess Destiny didn’t map out a plan involving love for me, I think to myself.

The thoughts in my head were going off like atomic bombs

I come to a clearing, and there I see her, a glimpse of light in the shadows.

She dances on a moonbow, her troubles clearly as far away as an unknown world.

I know she’s above all down here, she would be suffocated by earth’s confrontational gravity.

She prances in place in the pale moonlight and smiles as if the universe is whispering it’s secrets to her.

She’s a girl with the mountains in her bones and the sun in her heart.

Her ghostly dress twinkles from the stars entwined in the fabric and her movements remind me of the graceful twirl of a cherry blossom petal on it’s way to earth.

Her hair shines like a full moon on a cloudless night and flows down her back like no waterfall I’ve ever seen.

This fallen star is unaware of her magnificence.

But then she stumbles, and the star, once so high, shoots to the ground

She touches the earth, dirt and stardust meeting.

Suddenly, she’s dissolved into the mist that has flown in from the forest floor and it is again the black night.

I hear waves crashing but I know I’m not near the sea.

I fall and I feel little rocks as razors cutting my cheek. I hadn’t taken a step.

I look down as I’m laying on my side and reach into my jacket pocket.

The orange bottle of pills gleams in the moonlight.