I Am A Woman

I am not a feminist.

I don’t want to be a feminist.

Do you realize how sick… How vile that sentence is.

And the scary thing?... It’s true.

I am a woman too proud and afraid to identify myself as a fighter for equality,

For MY OWN equality!

For the simple right of me contributing to a conversation as much as any boy…

As much as any man.

To be viewed as intelligent and level headed instead of loud or crude.

My role as a woman is not to pin pictures on my wall of who I should be, but instead it’s to teach myself and the women around me WHO WE ARE!

My role as a daughter is not to be better then my father, but is to be seen by him as an appropriate equal with valid opinions.

My role as an athlete is not to compare myself to my male counterparts, but is to be held to the same standards as every single one of them.

As nature has created all things to come in contrasting pairs, so it has created us.

Not in dominating pairs, contrasting. Balancing.

Neither parts being less or more then the other.

My goal as a woman is not to have men appear less menacing but for women to feel more empowered.

To not hold themselves to wild standards.

To not picture themselves as trophies or porcelain,


Porcelain breaks with a shift of a breeze while we hold steady through the riptides of city streets, and centuries upon centuries of evolution and adaptation.

We were made to be strong.

We were made to last.

We have allowed society's opposing views to contradict our strength.

To minimize our intelligence.

We have been told that too WIN at life all we need, is a pretty face and a glittery dress.

That then we will be plucked from the ashes and wanted.

Not by ourselves, NO that's not important that's just conceded, you must be wanted by EVERYONE ELSE!

For that proves your self worth.

That shows your importance.

NO!! That shows your willingness to comply!

I am not a feminist.

I believe in a world where that word is meaningless, because that word is not needed.

My fight is for my daughter to NOT wake up and ask why the superheroes are all men and the barbies women.

Why she is asked to play with dolls and boys to play with planes and trains.

Why boys are told to dream of FLYING, while she is told to dream… of children.

I am a woman, but first I am a human.

For in the end me and my brothers bodies will decay at the same rate.

We live in a world where hypocrisy reigns and insecurities are treasured.

I am a woman, but first I am a body.

For past my colour, past my religion, past my sex!...

I just want a world.

One world to share with many others…


I am not a feminist.

I am a woman.