Time Running Out

10 minutes

10 minutes till everything goes black

10 minutes till we die a painless...

Bullshit, what is painless

No pain, no painless, no nothing


Death is pain

All our lives, everything will just go down into a drain

You want death means you experienced pain

Drain, one endless drain of life that everyone goes down

All die at some point, just not everyone die of their own choice

Suicides are better though, you choose your fate,

You choose when to go

Pain is the reason behind suicides

The reason as to why we have 10 minutes

9 minutes

9 minutes till everything goes black

9 minutes till we won't be here in this world

We will be somewhere else

Somewhere we belong, where nobody remembers who we are

Our life was nothing more than a mere scar

A scar on world that we inhibited for so... short... long... time...

Time is nothing more than a meaningless work of a mime

Time is the reason as to why we have 9 minutes

8 minutes

8 minutes till everything goes black

8 minutes till time stops

Deep breaths taken

Shaken voices spoken

Meaningless voices that are nothing more than a waste of air

Stop staring, go back to your porch, lay back, sit on your chair

Mind your own business

Oh wait I forgot you are human

Can do nothing more than give us a glare

Can do nothing more than stick your nose in everything that doesn't matter

When everything that does, matters not

And everybody like us go splatter

It's people like you that is the reason as to why we have 8 minutes

7 minutes

7 minutes till everything goes black

7 minutes till we lose memories of those we once cared about


Caring is barely bearing everyone else except for that one

That one who is now standing next to you

Shedding tears yet slowly nodding

Pointing out that time is running out

Those we care about are usually the reasons as to why we are who

Who we are and where we are at the moment like this

Who we are and with whom we are standing at the moment like this

The reason as to why we have 7 minutes

6 minutes

6 minutes till everything goes black

6 minutes till tears will stop flowing and blood will cover streets

Looking back at our life, all I see are empty sheets

Empty, blank, meaningless, slowly filling the paper with drops

Drops one by one of red

Dark red liquid on those empty sheets shred

Time is running out for us

That redness that is running through our veins

The thing that keeps us alive

The thing that we don't care about and we don't need

We take it for granted, yet we don't even realize that we can easily dispose of it and take an easy way out

That thing we don't need is the reason behind why we have 6 minutes and not 5

5 minutes

5 minutes till everything goes black

5 minutes till the world will turn from color

Into the world of black and white

Where everything is the same and equal


Isn't that what people desire

Isn't equality the reason behind so many actions

And here we are solving that problem

And here we are realizing that all you have to do is give up

Taking an easy way out

People laugh at us, pity us

Not realizing that we are right and they are wrong

What does it matter

Right or wrong

Time is running out for us

Soon enough this torture will be done and thus

No need to struggle just face the horror that is so called death

Death is pain

Death is solution

Death is a miracle

The reason as to why we don't have 5 minutes left and do 4

4 minutes

4 minutes till everything goes black

4 minutes till people start gathering

Soon enough we will go down clattering

To face our final challenge

That ground down there so far away that will soon be right at our faces

People say that their life flies by in front of their eyes

Yet we will be the ones flying and life will lay itself out for us to see

We finally will be free

Freedom is the reason as to why we don't have 4 minutes left and do 3

3 minutes

3 minutes till everything goes black

3 minutes till we will look at the world upside down

Flying through time and space

To go anywhere, simply to escape this place

Some people would say, this is the time to say our final prayer

Don't get me wrong on any of this

But I'm not exactly religious and I'm not looking up to God to find bliss

One second I stand the next I am gone

Gone with the wind and by dawn

Disappear and out of existence

No one will notice though

Everyone so blind that to all of them I am simply Jane Doe

And since we are Jane or John Doe nobody will care

Nobody will claim us as their

The reason as to why we don't have 3 minutes left and do 2

2 minutes

2 minutes till everything goes black

2 minutes till there won't be no turn back

I was always wearing a mask

Pretending to show who I really was when all I ever was

Was a pretentious prick

I was just being to everyone a complete dick

Pushing people away as a self-defence

Being just super tense

Not able to build up any confidence

Being bullied hard as a kid

I was trying to get back at everyone who wasn't involved

And yet, that didn't do much

All my problems still laying there unsolved

But there is no thing as such

Nothing is unsolved, I got it all under control

That is the reason as to why I don't have 2 minutes left and I do 1

1 minute

1 minute till everything goes black

1 minute till the roof will be far behind

I am ready now and I will take this step

Off this roof into my fate

This life that I don't need no more, I hate

And I can wait no longer, can't wait for the minute to run out

I take a step and off the edge i go, hearing voices behind me

Not understanding what they mean and so I flee

The ground was coming way too fast

And I thought, if I survive this, I will need more than one cast

Yet, I thought of that, but the speed was too much that I couldn't even make out any of my life

Then I remembered that my life was nothing more than a mere scar, a blank sheet

My heart skipped a beat


I realize when it's too late

I don't want to die

Not this way not today

But it was now a bit too late

Since I went face first into my fate

And my time.

Had now.

Ran out.