The Snow Globe Swirls With Feelings

You must be gentle with a snow globe

No matter glass or plastic

For a snow globe is fragile, either way.

You shake and shake just to watch the specks of white fall

Mesmerized at the small world that is not ours.

Like everything the snow globe has its limits.

One must not shake too hard for the snow globe wears out,

One must not leave it on the shelf for the water turns to muck,

You must care for such a small mystical object.

Don’t let that one selfish person treat it incorrectly,

They're fate is just to drop it.

Don’t let it fall to the ground and shatter into a thousand different pieces.

The snowflakes dead on the ground.

The water running away into the ground.

You must be gentle with a snow globe,

Although not all appear the same,

They all require care.