The soldier was worried. Haha. Understatement of the year. In fact, they were scared out of their skin (almost literally). The alien creatures were simply too much for the force to handle - would even a single one of them survive this threat?

The attack had been incredibly sudden. Some sort of attack vessel (they had thought it was a piece of debris - it was cleverly disguised) had attached itself to the side of the colony ship, on the deck 14. Far too many of the creatures to fit into the capsule had poured out, killing indiscriminately. They were unlike any other documented alien species, in ways that just made them more terrifying. The scientists would have a field day with this one, the soldier thought grimly. The Science division was never helpful in these matters - more often excitedly running around with their newest piece of information than actually doing something helpful for the ship.

What the useless scientists had discovered, though - from their barricaded labs in the upper levels - was pretty remarkable, the soldier had to admit. The aliens were perfectly at home in the highly oxygenated atmosphere of the colony ship - they even seemed to be enjoying it, from the security cameras (the ones that hadn’t been shot, anyway). Speaking of shooting, the savages still used primitive slug-throwing chemical-propelled guns. While the security force’s refraction armor would have negated any modern attacks, the projectiles punched straight through - it was horrifying to watch. And although the aliens wore no armor of their own, it didn’t seem like they needed it. One of the soldier’s squadmates had cut one of the creature’s arms clean off with a laser blast, but it had just grabbed a smaller one-handed weapon and kept fighting. Even with only four limbs to begin with, losing one evidently wasn’t a fatal wound. The creatures didn’t go into shock like any normal animal - they just kept fighting, even with injuries that were horrific by the standards of any civilized species.

But that wasn’t the worst of it. The inhabitants of the colony ship had done the sensible thing and run away from the monstrosities boarding the ship, sprinting along the miles of ship floor until they tired. They had easily outpaced the horrible creatures, and had thought themselves safe - until the aliens caught up to them. They seemed never to tire, or to be any less effective at fighting even after they had run the entire length of the ship. The security videos had been truly chilling to watch; a party of the creatures jog machine-like for so long just to kill one of the colony ship’s original denizens. Their goal was clear - to exterminate every lifeform on the ship. It just wasn’t fair, the soldier reflected, that evolution had favored them quite this much.

They were getting close, now - the last spot that the aliens had been sighted. The squad looked around with apprehension. The soldier could taste the tension in the air.

There! Movement appeared on the scanner. As the soldier looked up, a group of the creatures ran around the corner ahead, weapons at the ready. Up close, they were terrifying - two long forelimbs made for either powerful blows or subtle manipulations, with odd skin tones varying from camouflaged browns to unnatural shades of pink and white.

Lasers and metallic shrapnel filled the air. The soldier returned fire - the colony ship could not fall. Some of the creatures fell, as did the soldier’s squadmates. They weren’t invincible - but they were tougher than they had any right to be, the soldier thought, almost getting hit with one of the projectiles. With costly effort, the ship’s security force slowly beat back the rampaging aliens.

The fight was over. The soldier never wanted to see one of the monsters again. Around them, the squad checked over the bodies to make sure every member of the invading force was dead. The soldier joined in - it wouldn’t do to have another of the creatures on the loose.

One of them was still alive! The soldier approached cautiously, as the alien creature grasped a small round object, staying still on the ground. It was badly burned by a laser blast, but still functional enough to notice the soldier’s approach. Curiosity got the better of them. Activating their translator, the soldier asked the invader a simple question. “What are you?”

“Human,” said the creature, with a grin, and pulled a pin from the orb it held.