A rechad er Belau sel le bo er a chei, sel luut el mera beluu eng diak el dil lomdasu er tir.

In Palau, “when someone goes fishing, they bring back fish for the whole community rather than just for themselves.” They are generous and like taking care of eachother, no matter the circumstance. This is why Dibuk (Buki) Seid is excited to return one day. It is the place that holds her “most important footsteps.”


Waking up on a beautiful and sunny Palauan morning, Buki felt like a changed woman. The night before, she had been walking through the streets of her hometown and had an epiphany; her struggling community needed help. Just days before, parts of her school had been burned down by youth "who had hung a green scarf on the flagpole indicating their gang.” Teachers quit, the principal was scrutinized, and Buki felt as though her education was going downhill when her English teacher “tried teaching English in Palauan, which obviously didn’t work.”

Buki knew she wanted to make a difference and bring back fish, or knowledge in this case, for her whole community. With a population of roughly 21,000 people, Buki is optimistic about that she will be able to return and make an impact.

Buki decided that the only way she would succeed in this goal would be by leaving her home, a place she cherishes dearly. She came Hawaii Preparatory Academy in seventh grade so she could gain the knowledge to help the unorganized system.

Since coming to HPA, Buki has been able to create a non-profit organization connecting the public schools in Palau. The organization, the Brighter Future Foundation, focuses on enhancing education, preserving culture, improving tourism, and connecting locals to tourists. The first opening ceremony will be this December.

People take care of each other in Palau. When Buki left for the USA she knew that upon return, her wonderful community would welcome her back with open arms and care for her. It is the country that raised her, the place that holds her most important footsteps. Talking about her hometown brought Buki to tears.

Jellyfish Lake

A marine lake FILLED WITH HARMLESS JELLYFISH - what more could you ask for. Perfect place for photos, and swimming with cute jellyfish of course.

Ngemelis island

Buki grew up traveling to this secluded spot. She would play in the sand, lay in the sun and bathe in the tropical ocean all day. At night, she would lay with her parents watching for shooting stars and listening to the fish jump in the ocean. Now when she comes here she reminisces and relaxes on the beautiful white sand.

Li Ra Dmilekolek

Buki's secret spot on a hill - this is where she comes to think. An abandoned mansion overlooking the ocean, this place offers serenity to Buki. She won't disclose the location though!

Photo by Alicia Chow '17.