Death In Space

Listen, there sits silence

A silence that grows beyond

Messing with the mind, driving man mad

What silence I see, is that which quiets me

It may glitter and shine

Or sway in in the subtle breath of a child

May even contain colors, patterns

But all we view is blank sheets of nothing

A wondrous of worlds lie ahead

The twinkling of fire-flies in the darkest of nights

As she gazes through the looking glass

Lifeless, motionless, beautiful

Her blue eyes, and milky-white hair

Watching effortlessly

Her children she bore do nothing but slowly poison her

Floating, growing old she lies still

Poisoned her heart of dark chemical matter

However all she wants, is the best for her children

Years past, as her eyes slowly close

Her final image, blurred but distinct

Child after child left

She stared, and a smile grew across her face

She whispered

“Children now fly,

Gaya I was once,

Watching my little ones grow to anxious ones,

Now all I can say is that I am,

Mother Earth.”

She takes her final breath

Blurring into a daze