Photo provided by Nikolaus Wohlenberg


Hayley Emmons


In every piece and every part,

a line has been drawn in the sand.

My body is a work of art.


Skin has no gender, a freed hart

unbound by those social demands.

In every piece and every part


this flesh has been mine since the start.

So now, I take back control, and

my body is a work of art.


And those who scoff can now depart,

this form is mine, and to command

in every piece and every part.


Art is sight and sight is apart

from binds of truth and thoughts of brand.

My body is a work of art.


I claim my skin, I claim my heart,

I claim my bones, I claim my hands –

in every piece and every part,

my body is a work of art.

What’s Wrong With the World

Kealia Haitsuka


Please, turn down the volume on heresy.

There must be more in store for you and me.

Close your eyes and feel through empathy


and let us not conform to jealousy,

for it’s a sin of the highest degree.

Please turn down the volume on heresy.


Yet what we see is lack of equity,

which tastes like a cold, bitter cup of tea.

Close your eyes and feel through empathy.


Everywhere the pain hits globally

because this is our world’s apogee.

I beg, turn volume down on heresy.


We are called to smell the blasphemy

and protect the truth like a queen bee.

With closed eyes, you feel through empathy.


We are all built from the same chemistry,

so we must be who we are meant to be.

Finally, volume off on heresy;

close your eyes and feel through empathy.

Dream of a Red Coral Reef

 Kalani Scheffler

sometimes my head flows with poetry --

to empty it's brig of the ballast


to carry more weight

that I only wish was as simple as hate


I sit like a low rock

with gnarled roots growing deep

and wind and rain pound indifferently

Engraving impotent scars down my back


But, oh, if I were a wayward leaf

Twirling at their sparse mercy

Unchained -- to be dashed into the sea

Drowning in red coral reefs


-- Poems that you'll never read

because my mind, like a broken harp reed,

can only play lonesome whistles

that fail to pierce the heavy marine air

and never reach a receptive ear


Will Nudo


Kindness in not learned, kindness is a right

You need no go through pain you need not go through plight

We are all born with kindness, its written in our genes

We can be kind to one another no matter where we've been

Kindness is shared through all walks of life

It is more than just a scar from sorrow’s sharpened knife

So be kind to all you see, brighten someone's day

A small act of kindness can go a long way


Javan Perez

Kindness is a trait more so than an emotion

It is something that many try to accomplish

But never succeed

Many try too hard


Kindness is something that warms your heart

It makes you feel an emotion that is indescribable

Everyone wants to be treated with kindness

But many don’t know how to treat others with it


Kindness isn’t just another word

It is more than that

Many have their own definition for it

But can’t describe it when they are asked


People sometimes take it for granted

And realize only when it’s gone that they should’ve been thankful


Ford Stallsmith


Kindness is recognizing the hardship in someone's life

Kindness is resonating with another humans emotions

Kindness is improving someone's day even just a little bit

Kindness is not something that can be bought but rather achieved

Kindness is available to everybody in the world

With the tool kindness, you can change the world!

Be kind.


By Georgia Anders


To be kind, means to be selfless.

To be kind, mean to think of others.

If you are kind you can feel the pain of others.

If you are kind you stand by them,

you will do your best to comfort them in sorrow.

You will hold them close, if that's all you can do.

Kind people often put others before themself.

They often want to make sure everyone is warm even if they're cold.

Kind people want to spread joy. They want to spread spirit. And they try to spread love.

Kindness is why mankind can go on.

The world overtaken by evil and selfishness would be a place no one could live.

The world is still evil, but the kind people  balance out the evil the best they can.

Kind people keep us living.


By India Wolfenberger


Kindness is like a warm cup of coffee or tea in the morning

It always makes you feel good

Kindness puts a smile on people’s faces

A smile that is only seen when kindness is shown

Kindness is one of the key solutions in making the world a better place

Kindness may not be able to stop a war by itself but is one of the steps to reach peace


The more you are kind to others

The better you and that person become

No one can achieve full happiness without kindness

Kindness is one of the strongest weapons in the world

It can repel all evil and bring out the light

Even though there is evil in this world the people who express kindness keep the world together

Without kindness this world would fall apart


Gabriel Furchner

The purpose of living is to make every moment we have an enjoyable one,

and to assist others in their pursuit of happiness.

The truth is that sometime in the future everything we as a species know will be no more.

The earth will be destroyed.

The sun will burn out.

But one thing that will always be is this moment, right here and now.

In which you are alive on this beautiful world.

In this beautiful place.


Megan Chong

When I leave this amazing place,

My memories will remain–

Of a purple mauna kea sunrise,

Or orange beachy sunset skies


The mountains, while they slumber on,

Show stunning colors as the sun dawns

Snow falls like a delicate blade

Children laugh at snow angels made


The ocean, who I love so much,

I fell in love with your sweet touch

Surfing and paddling all day

Is the one place I yearn to stay


When I leave this amazing place

My heart will definitely break

But think of the memories I’ll make

When I leave this amazing place

The Love We Had

Megan Abe


It burned bright red

And the impossible occurred: an explosion of boulders in the once deserted, placid atoll

Brought about abundant reef waters and crashing waves.


With a grin, you whined, “This is so unfair!”


Your spark had started it all.

Your single flame engulfed every piece of tinder I presented until

Your fireplace could no longer be contained.

Your wildfire flourished to be as intense as lava and slowly flowed to the rocky shore almost unwillingly until

the decline of terrain suddenly dropped to a cliff.


It burned bright red:

A roaring thunder of the crash of descending trees instantly muffled to a hazed separation by

You extinguishing it.


With a grimace, you whispered, “This is so unfair.”

That Right Person

Chanity Chang

I once lied on your strong shoulder,

Thank you for being my shelter.

Falling in love could be scary,

But falling for you was super.


I live in a cell, so so young

The world was hell, the time was wrong

You come with the key, a bright smile

You pleased every second, amazing


Your embrace warms me when I’m lost,

Your kisses light me from the night.

I can see beauty of your soul,

I can feel passion in your heart.


We are so strong, proud, and lucky,

Meeting each other was worthy,

Let’s try to keep it forever,

Let’s try to keep it forever.

Helpless Love

Anastasjia Prodanov

Can you remember when you looked at me?

After all that has happened between us

It still made me feel helpless

What is there even more to discuss

Latent Love

Sihkea Jim

since I could not find happiness -

she quietly left me -

the footsteps fled without my love -

and just remained mercy.


I slowly woke - birds saw a joke,

and so I hid well,

my smile and emotions too,

retracting to my shell.


I passed the world, where memories

Depressed - in the mind -

She passed my cross of true sorrow -

I passed the love of my life -


Since then - tis Centuries - and yours

Feels warmer than her love.

I now realize you are,

My love Forever and Always -


Mark Do

To say thank you to my family

To mom, to dad, to sister, to grandparents

To one who loved me and who I love

And I know that they can not live forever

It is time for me to say thank you.

Always smile in front of them

Even if I am having a bad day

Mom would always smile at me

Dad would always give me warm hugs

Sister would always be nice to me

Always smile in front of them

Always say thank you to them

Thank you.

Thank you.