May 10, 2018

     In the airport cafeteria, the little girl puts a penny and two quarters into the slots of a penny-pressing machine. Her dad helps her crank the lever. A moment later, her penny emerges from the bottom of the machine, now an oval with an impression the shape of Kaua'i on it. She holds it in one tiny hand and studies it.

     "It's a penny!" She says excitedly, holding it up to her father.

     "No," he says, "it's not a penny anymore, sweetie."

     She looks perplexed. "Yes, it started as a penny, so it's still a penny."...

May 9, 2018

     The sky hangs heavy in the the air, an opaque cloud pulled tight around the ears of the earth like a thick wool cap. It’s the kind of mist that leeches the color out of everything, making the emerald grass seem just green, the mahogany tree trunks plain brown, and the white fence posts that pass by simply gray. It’s the kind of fog that is so intense it pulls everything towards a monotone just to try to reach equilibrium.

     Moisture beads on the metal shell of the car, and even though no rain is technically falling from the sky, every square inch of atmosphere is so thick...

May 8, 2018

     The sun is about to set. Red and gold streak out across the sky, like flying strands of hair. Light clouds scuttle along, driven by forces much more powerful than me. The wind -- it rustles through trees, bushes, and across my ears. It is the loudest yet quietest sound for miles. Compared to almost anywhere else, there is dead silence. Even no more than a few hundred feet from a large road, it’s peaceful, serene. The long, low hiss across the landscape relaxes me. At times like this, I think that I can feel something else here… but I wave that notion away with a quiet scoff. Still, t...

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