May 18, 2018

You see my body like a treasure map to an island that needs conquering.

Harboring your ship in my hips, colonizing my innocence for your personal glory.

Pompously holding my map in your forceful hand.

But boy don’t you see, the rightful owner of that map is me.

Those red dotted lines outline my bumps, my curves, my edges.

That “X” marks my spot.

Yet you take my treasure giving nothing in return

You rip up the map so I don’t even know the way around my own body anymore

Handing me the paper pieces as an attempted apology,

I must find the glue within myself to put the pieces back together.

Boy, you taught...

May 17, 2018

i’ve recently gotten into the business of dealing good thoughts, taking my own daily prescription and distributing it to others. i’ve got it all, kindness, compliments, support, forgiveness. Sure the money's good but i’m weaning for a taste of my own. But you see, i can’t swallow my pills. My obsession with perfection gags at the thought of it.

i hate myself for hating myself, which is ironic in itself, but i wish i saw myself like i see you. i want a bear hug from self love, i want my skin to be embroidered with forgiveness, i want to change the viewpoint of my eyes.

They say you gotta love...

May 17, 2018

America, it’s time to wake up.

There are still women who scream out their stories,

Only to be ignored

As if their vocal cords have been cut with the knives that are the words of men who say

“You better not say a word.”

And they don’t say a word, they shove their story down into the depths of their bodies,

Tucking those forbidden words between their organs.

Even if the memories can be pushed to the backs of their minds during the day,

They continue to creep back in when darkness cloaks the world.

When the darkness consumes them and their eyelids finally give up the fight to remain open, they relive it.


May 12, 2018

Forgotten and alone

Lost behind ancient root-gripped hills

An abandoned home

Cataracts of flora pull away.

Windows once shining life, now shattered, polluted

Walls blackened by mold, timber oozing wet pulp

Floorboards pummeled crooked like rotten teeth

What unwrought gold or molded books hide there?

The rusty roof lets cruelly filtered light

Seep through its crumpled form and burst in

Torrential rays, beaming spotlights of dust

Even noon’s light cannot quench the decay

Cavitied iron nails hook out of gouged

Wood sinister, clawed, praying for false steps

The boards also wait, moan, and give way and

Deal feste...

May 7, 2018


Another firecracker shot drops,



Turning what is into what is


Tearing through the years that had been,

Through the years that were,

And through the years that would be,

Life dismissed with a bang,

And then the quiet exhale of a sigh

Leaving behind the question:


As another child dies,

As another parent cries,

And goes home

To only silence,

And the heavy ringing of an unanswered question.

21.8 per thousand

Which is twice the national average

Welcome to the land of the midnight sun.

May 7, 2018

I’ve always been good at playing games.  

It all started with Monopoly.  

I collected properties faster than a charmer

who’s perfected the art of hoarding torn-up hearts

and putting them on display

as if to say,

“Look at me… I broke two more since yesterday”.  

Now that’s not to say I haven’t had my fair share of losses…

I’ve been buried so deep under a fictitious flame I’ve resorted to prayer…

and I’m not even religious.

We’ve all been guilty at one time or another,

for being caught

caring too fiercely for things we should not,

and by the time we realize that the sky

is in fact the limit,

the wings we const...

May 7, 2018

Who do you think you are?  

Shouting to me from across more than one sea “If it’s meant to be, it will be”.  

As if love can be safely propped up on the fingertips of stars,

as if the sun were to finally get a grip on reality

and say something like despite how bright she’s been burning lately she’s actually been feeling like concealing some of her light,

how refreshing it would feel to slip behind the moon for a while.  

But everyone knows that not even a planet could disguise the kind of monsoon

I see forming in your eyes.  

A tidal wave of words are crashing my way

and I’ve never been one for surfing...

May 7, 2018

I think…

I come from the Heavens,

For the face of the sky is scattered glowing freckles

that mirror the dark ones on my cheeks and this is why I think

I come from Hell.  

The spots on my face are backwards stars,

Each one makes up a larger piece

of a dark black shard of ice I had to smash through

As I crawled up out of hell after it froze over.

I think…

I come from hope.  

My imagination is to blame for my months spent as a child

Collecting every bird feather I could find

With the intention of sewing them into a pair of wings.

And I come from a hopeless faith because when I realized

That the human body was n...

May 5, 2018

Creativity bleeds ink onto paper,

Fingers fly across black keys,

Thoughts moving quicker than 100 words a minute.

A simple thought,

Still frame of an image,

One word,

Inspires ten pages in five minutes.

Mind whirring,

Painting spectrum blurs across the irises.

Words soar into an infinite atmosphere,

Taking flight in multicolored hues.

They shift into forms of living, breathing beings

Inside the barriers of ingenuity,

As they spread their wings into the world created anew.

May 4, 2018


Ideas form in my mind out of the fog that resides there

Coagulating into words that shuffle around their letters

In an occasionally futile attempt to find the perfect term

Before racing along the power lines of my nerves and down

Down the highways that my brain has installed in my body

And to the tips of my fingers where they bubble and boil

Against the back of my skin

Yearning to be released as fast as my hands can flash across the keyboard

Vibrating with a nervous energy as they push to be put down on paper

Before they are forgotten

Just like every other idea that’s gotten trapped somewhere in th...

Before I had you-

You breathed me in and I wouldn't breathe out

every time you blinked those eyes I saw it

The moment when you first wake and you see blue

only blue and then

green but mostly blue and then

this incredible brightness

then poof gone like our


it wasn't even a fling but I know I'm blue and you’re definitely


you made me fall and I loved you for it

I still love you for it and I pinch myself because your not here and

I know I'm not dreaming which is why I hurt

but I'm sad and glad it happened and I'm mad at

me for feeling but I know you’re the one but you made me blue and I don't know yo...

May 3, 2018

A smile blossoms,

Then wilts

Without your sweet words to water

The rosy growth

Where laughter and love planted their roots.

Ephemeral brightness.

Everlasting glow.

May 2, 2018



The forest is a place of quiet

A place where you can’t hear the noise

Of constant voices and continual motion

A place where the only thing you can see

Is growth, with each layer of brush

Adding more and more and more

To the whole tableau of greenery

The forest is a place of noise

A place where there is unending life

The crackle of leaves kicked aside

By animals racing between the trunks

In some mad dash for who-knows-what

And even the very earth beneath your feet is alive

Churning insects kicking off the circle of life

Time and...

May 2, 2018

An impeccable veneer.




But her eyes,

The slightest tremble of an eyelash,

Betray the barest hint

Of something fragile;

A butterfly, trapped,

Frantic fluttering,

Beating itself against glass walls


And over again.


Exhaustion overcomes

And death brings everlasting sleep.

May 2, 2018

Wearing clothes patterned with stitches

Their face is marred just wanting to be the star

of their own play

driving a car on the road to success very far away.

Trying to write their own story

So they might, one day, not have to wear the cone of loneliness.

But this young kid is still clueless. Because the higher you go

The less you truly know.  

Isolation grows like a weed

Needing to feed on the only flower in the garden.

You have been given the power of success

This pressure can make you a mess

Damocles wanted the power so bad

Quickly realizing it was only a fad

As that sword hangs over head

It acts as a fan...

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May 18, 2018

As soon as my eyes open, the world spins into bright color

Flashing into motion that pulls me along

As if I have been caught unintentionally in this frantic riptide

Crowds surround me on all sides in a crushing push of people going

Moving and swirling in their own separate eddies

That have pushed past my own, if only for just this moment

And I find myself moving as well with legs pumping and heart pounding

And the ache in my chest that pulls me forwards

Keeps me from slowing even slightly until I have reached my final destination

Grass sprouts and grows and breaks through dirt only to be crushed

Under m...

May 9, 2018

Here I sit upon my tower

My health 100, my shield full power

I've braved through 90 other deaths

'Til 10 remain, to face the test

I see two morons by the Lake

They see each other, but hesitate

Two shots ring out across the water

Two victims of a sniper's slaughter

Another base is building high

But the fury of the storm is nigh

The circle starts to move again

As luck would have it, I'm still in

Two more are lost within the storm

Six sneaky bois are left to swarm

As the rival builder abandons ship

A Christmas bush unloads his clip

We're down to 5 , my mouse is sweaty

My knees are weak, arms are heavy

"I'm about t...

May 9, 2018

The breath of Autumn,

Sweeps across the metal.

Dry blades,

Brittle and crackling,

Are cast across and up.

They arch like a breaking wave,

Crash and explode in sandy hues,

And descend like confetti.

They land on the emerald carpet,

Warm and spongy from mid-morning fire,

Burning billions of miles away,

Bearing down upon the individual weaves of jade on the terrain.

May 8, 2018

Warm air incases me, thawing me

Vog stings my eyes but not calling it my home is something I can’t visualize.

Taking comfort in tank tops and traffic.

Familiar faces filling familiar places.

Bougainvilleas creep through the walls

Shadows stalk the sidewalks

Faded murals decorate Ali’i.

The bumps and curves of Holualoa road

Never changing. Knowing where the drop offs are,

Knowing where to turn off,

Knowing where the crazies kill.

Why leave? Why leave safety?

Why leave home?

I ask myself,

Knowing I will.

May 7, 2018

I could do it now…

I guess I’ll do it later


May 7, 2018

What more is high school

Than a bunch of lost children

Stumbling along

May 7, 2018

I often wonder

Does anybody really

Have it figured out?

May 7, 2018

The way you smiled, the way I smiled

back at you with nothing but butterflies mapping out

the way I envisioned the night ending in my mind

with your red dress and our red flowers

beaming in the lights of music

danced away with unquenchable tensions

that I thought were coming from both ends

and you said they were when you told me to text you

and I did, and we talked

but nothing else

and I never saw you again

because you were gone

and away in your life - a different school with different friends -

but I didn’t forget about our night together

that one, spontaneous, whirlwind of a night

that ended in nothing but...

May 7, 2018

Although but a tree, a little something more to me.
Of many merry memories, needless to say,
the best from my childhood took place in the evening.
Not a single night would ever go by,
that without fright I'd climb up my cottonwood tree.
I'd sit up there for hours, alone with my thoughts.
In attempt to count shooting stars,
I'd often drift into soft sleep.
But when I came home from school one day, something was off.
“Wheres my tree?” I cried. I immediately could tell mother
didn’t want to say, how he had been chopped down
and sent away to be made into something more useful.
I struggled to under...

May 6, 2018

A rainbow spreads its colors

Across the face of a bright blue sky

Unique and vibrant arcs of light

Shimmering against the floating water

But then the rain or the clouds take it away

Because it isn’t dark like they are

It’s too different to be accepted

But then comes another day, another rainbow

And there are so many others all over the world

And they all get carelessly criticized by the clouds and the rain

Until they are taken away again

But the sun thinks the rainbows are beautiful

Why else would he put them there?

For people and clouds to laugh and stare?

No, they exist because they are lovely

And just as...

Too slow to see the truth,

The repetition,

Of History,

Two steps forward,

One Step back,

Never united,

But divided,

Whether you’re part of one or the other,

That side,

Or this side,

Left or Right,

Stubborn loyalty,

But no common sense,

Is it for them,

Or us,

As the clock turns back,



You can see the beginning,

When it all had a purpose,

When it was there for a reason,

We keep adding,

But never subtracting,

Unnecessary action due to no interaction,

The solution is in the repetition,

The flaws,

Of the laws.

May 6, 2018

The calmness

The raw power, the strength

Where life began in the depths of the sea

The soothing darkness where life was born

The gentle currents to tidal waves

A balance of calm and powerful

The creation of the smallest organism to the biggest

Calm, creative, complex

Never to stop for a second

May 2, 2018

To that one teacher in that one class

Who made us all believe that his final

Will be easy and short,

So we all prepared strenuously for other classes,

Filling up the hungered desire for knowledge

And good grades, while textbooks for that one class

Laid untouched, collecting dust, and only slightly

Probing away at our consciousness in the back end of our mind and

Thank you to that one teacher who - after giving us easiest quizzes all semester -

Gave us absolute hell on a final, completely not preparing us for how

Hot and exhausting that hell was going to be and even so,

Thank you, for letting us quickly r...

May 1, 2018

Is a nightmare a curse?

Or a blessing in disguise?

Is a pleasant dream a gift?

Or a path that's unwise?

When you wake up from terror,

you're glad it was a dream.

But when you wake from a fantasy,

a hole is carved from your heart–

It drives you to scream.

Be thankful for all you have.

Do not try to dream.

For when you’re caught wishing,

it may tear you at the seam.

May 1, 2018

Hardly able to move

I lay on my bed

Not filled with regret

Yet tired as heck

Soft pillow under my head

And warm blanket under my hands

I finally think to myself

“I came back home”

Just returned from Australia

It was not a total failure

I enjoyed the break a lot

Though it was way too hot.

Yet my skin does not sting,

No sunburn in sight.

Sunscreen bottle in trash, empty.

Finally won’t be way too sweaty.

My bag is unpacked

And I still smell with delight

Salt water and sweat,

Everything’s covered in red.

Sand is still spilling out

Creating a beach on the ground

I went to check in my wallet,

But there’s not a cent in a p...

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