Photo provided by Caitlin Hooley

Ollie Wills

Class of 2020

My name is Ollie Wills. I'm a junior. I like cats.

Grace Bostock

Class of 2021

Grace Bostock is a gifted & brilliant human being. Currently in her sophomore year of high school, she has always had a passion for poetry and is a proud songwriter for her band; Thumpin. Grace prides herself on her relationship with her dog, her majestic personality, and her net worth. Grace is a born flower child and can oft be found asleep in the grass.

Caitlin Hooley

Class of 2020

Caitlin Hooley is a sweet and perfect soul whom Grace Bostock would gladly sail to the ends of the earth for. Caitlin is a beyond talented performer and composer. She is sweeter than honey and soft as morning dew. if you ever need someone to have a wholesome sunshine experience with, she's your gal. Caitlin for senator 2020. 


Teagan Keenan

Class of 2022

They are interested in either becoming a historian, psychologist, or opening a bakery. They enjoy many forms of art and look forward to expanding their knowledge in the field. In their free time they like to play piano in the practice rooms or listen to music. They are looking forward to working with the Zephyr in the following years to come.

Hayley Emmons

Class of 2019

Born and raised on the Big Island of Hawaii, Hayley Emmons is currently trying to live their best life. After graduating from HPA, they went on to attend Mount Holyoke College, where they hope to write, study genetics, and play Dungeons and Dragons. A very loud person, few are safe from their chaotic energies as they move through the world. 


Class of 2020

My name is Liana. I'm a junior from Middlebury, Connecticut. I enjoy reading, writing, and snuggling with my five cats.

Miranda Guppy

Class of 2020


Miranda Guppy is a seventeen year old junior who grew up on the Big Island. She is an avid painter but would rather become a pharmacist when she enters the workforce because she likes making money and being respected. Some of her hobbies include: sleeping, sleeping, and sleeping. 

Sara Kimura

Class of 2021

Sara Kimura is a sophomore and the current webmaster for the Zephyr. Sara has a passion the visual art and a background from the Donkey Mill Art Center down in Holualoa. She is excited to about her summer job where she will be a teaching artist for the Youth Summer Art Experience. Her interests include the different perspectives of different people, philosophical discussions on ethics, and pointless debates using logical arguments.