About Zephyr

Traditional publication

     Hawai'i Preparatory Academy (HPA) has supported a literary magazine in one form or another since the its founding in 1949. In 2008, it was adopted by Ms. Sarah Hayslip and her senior creative writing class, whom decided to call it Zephyr. For nearly a decade, Ms. Hayslip and the Zephyr staff collected and edited submissions for the magazine, which were published and distributed at the semiannual HPA Student Art Show. Ms. Hayslip and a dedicated committee of student volunteers continued to produce Zephyr, even after the class was discontinued due to lack of resource availability in the English department. In 2013, the Zephyr staff also began hosting point-incentivised writing competitions during class Olympics in three categories: poetry, fiction, and nonfiction.

Digital publication

      In 2016, then-senior Alicia Chow started an independent English initiative to produce the Zephyr magazine in digital form. Student volunteers edited and reviewed anonymised submissions throughout the fall of 2016, guided by Chow. The team successfully produced the first volume of the digital Zephyr in the Spring of the 2016-2017 school year. 

     After the first 2017 digital production, Chow graduated, passing the role of student facilitator on to Zoë McGinnis. McGinnis had been a long-time contributor to the magazine and an avid participant in the Zephyr contests. She now manages the Zephyr website and edits content with the help of the recently re-instated Zephyr class, taught by Ms. Kiera Horgan. The Zephyr magazine now features three visual arts categories (photography, videography, and traditional visual artwork) and two performing arts categories (drama and spoken word) in addition to its three literature categories: creative nonfiction, fiction, and poetry. It is now published biannually.

Our lovely photographer, Fatima Garcia